Amazing experience!

Myself and my husband had checked out several restaurants listed on trip advisor in Essaouira, all of which were either full, closed or too hard to find. We stumbled upon Dar Adul through the recommendation of a hotel nearby, at which I was dubious that it would just be one business doing another one a favour, and wasn’t expecting much. However, while the maitre d’ showed us around I was blown away by the beautiful surroundings and very impressed by his description of all meals on the menu. My mood instantly lifted and we spent a wonderful evening at Dar Adul. The service, food, music, decor, entertainment were superb and I would highly recommend a visit here for a beautiful evening meal. There were musicians (guitar and violin) playing their own versions of some well known classics, and they came across so genuine and that they were enjoying their own music that they created a lovely atmosphere. Near the end of our meal a magician came to our table! I was firstly cynical and expected him to be completely cheesy and cringe-worthy. But he was really funny! Overall, a wonderful experience, this business deserves to do well.

Avis écrit le 14 octobre 2013

Visité en Octobre 2013

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